Sunday Column: On weather and roots

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Badlands Sunset

The sky out here is volatile. Perfectly pleasant one minute, and violent the next, those of us who grew up here in the north country have a sort of “expect the unexpected” instinct born in us when it comes to the changing weather.


But it doesn’t mean we don’t get caught off guard. Just because we know that at any moment the clouds could build, one on another on another, and send the air swirling above our heads bending branches or sending hailstones flying, doesn’t mean we’re always ready for it.

But that’s the thing about this sky. As soon as you come to trust that another calm 80 degree day will pile up on another 80 degree calm day,


you head to the lake with your dad’s pontoon and friends from out of state to show them another side of the prairie, and just like that you’re caught out…

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When You Begin Again…

Mya's Photo
Last year in the middle of Philippine summer, this view in front of our dormitory was a stunning contrast: thick hovering stormy clouds on a bright sunny day, could be promising showers for the dying perennial grass, or just another summer storm that could ruin the day.
 Well, I’m kind of feeling like this over the past few days.  And I call it the jitters.  You see, I’ll be leaving behind the place I call home for 8 years.  This home  is not just a building structure where I live.  It’s a small community where I work and share space with locals and foreigners who come to this place…READ MORE

Jessie Veeder-“Boomtown”-Official Music Video

from my favorite blogger…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

And now for the video!

The premier of the music video for my song “Boomtown” happens today! I hope it give your a glimpse into the some of the stories hanging around Boomtown. I am so happy and excited to have this out in the world.

Thanks to Nolan with Quantum Productions and to those willing to share their stories with us that day.

Please pass it along!

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What’s Playing: The Lego Movie 2014

Everything is awesome… in The Lego Movie 2014

What's Playing???


Everything is awesome, sing the lego casts of this mood-uplifting film.  Indeed, every thing is awesome in this film.

At first glance, the lego animation seemed uninteresting to me.  They appear unattractive.  I always thought that feel-good animation should be, aside from colorful, beautiful.   Appearance is very important factor in children’s animation.  Beauty and colors should make the film attractive.  Then the story comes in.

But after a few minutes of looking at the lego characters, they become very cute to look at.  And with a lot of humor incorporated in this animation, it’s all awesome.

What I especially like about this animated film is its ever universal theme of every one being special in one’s unique ways and how useful each special character is to one and all.   The message is very clear—master builders, followers, teamwork, following instructions, creating without instructions…what else? To understand what I’m talking…

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What’s Playing: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

What's Playing???


Who is Timothy? Why is he part of the title? Why is his life odd? These questions are some of the reasons I decided to see this  movie (of course, I was prompted by my friend to see it).

It’s not a new film but it has the classic theme of childhood’s short-lived characteristics it will always be a fresh reminder to any individual, much more to parents, about how fleeting childhood is.  Time flies so fast, they say, and so is childhood.  We don’t wanna miss it.  We would want to experience it fully.  We don’t want to be surprised that it’s already gone, just leaving us with whatever memories we have made.  We don’t want Timothy green to just disappear without feeling and really seeing his bright smile, his creativity, his honesty, his love for life, his desire to just have fun.  We don’t want either to just…

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What’s Playing: My Sister’s Keepe

What's Playing???


The screenshot above shows the happy moment shared by this happy family in the movie.  When I first heard of this movie, I thought it is some kind of the serious type that garnered the favors of the critics.  My curiosity finally got me.  Got this file, and voila! totally captivated by the heart of this film. It’s not the serious drama I thought it was. It’s a well-balanced drama of life in a family of impaired individuals who thrive each day, conquering cancer with happy thoughts, battling dyslexia with love for the family, leaving career for the sake of family, holding on for the loved ones, and most especially, battling each day to make everything in their lives normal…and because of trying to be normal, this drama has come into life in the big screen. I love this movie. It’s the kind of movie you will miss watching after seeing other films…

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Now Playing: The Corrs

It’s a good thing to start your day with music. And what better way than having The Corrs on your morning playlist. They never lose their charm in their song even after a decade. They still have that warming effect on the soul. What a bright day you will have then…unless you are not a fan. ^^

What's Playing???

I used to be from the far-flung area, no kidding. So I’ve first heard of this Irish band in the early 2000 when I first attended college. My young college instructor was a big fan of the band and she plays their music for her student during breaks.

At work, we have this extra-ordinary way of waking up the students in our ESL institution. We play them music for 30 minutes until it’s class time. Today, since it’s Friday, I decided (being the operator of the broadcast system sometimes) to have The Corrs on the playlist.

Amazing! They never lose their charm in my heart even after all the years that past. The vocalist’s voice is captivatingly sexy, full of passion and intense emotion. The melody has always has it its heart-warming effect, brings nostalgia to the soul like the smell of dewy grass in the morning.

Here are The…

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